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Been down to Charlotte and back – Feb 2014

My wife has moved to Charlotte, NC – and we’re renting a house there starting on April 1st.  My daughters will finish up the school year here in Cleveland – while I continue to “commute” back and forth to SF.

Details of the peering battles are revealed – Cogent is leading the fight against peering fees.

NetFlix and COMCAST reach a peering agreement – but they’re not saying if this was because of fees getting paid – or what

Buy Apple’s Hardware, Google’s services and Amazon’s Media – for a safe long term bet

Facebook + WhatsApp means it’s time to double down on new investments

Lev Gonick is upset that Google didn’t choose Cleveland – perhaps Lev needs to look at the requirements that Google clearly stated:

- telephone poles have to be available

- local policies must allow Google to do what they want to do

- support of local government

I don’t think Cleveland makes it – in any of those three criteria – sorry Lev!

Udemy is gaining traction - one mega students have signed up

Google expands Fiber out around the country – and they’re considering Charlotte.  This is what has pissed off Lev!

List of most popular music software – FL Studio is the leader

Here’s proof that Spotify IS working for some musicians – Ron Pope.  I never heard of him – but his fans in Sweden sure do!

Fred Wilson points out that there’s always a different angle to take

Ghost train stations of Paris

Date: Sunday, February 23rd, 2014 | Time: 6:15 pm
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  1. Peter Lozada Mar 31st 2014

    I grew up on Kimbark and 47th street and remember you. I remember your Dad and Mom very well. I now live in Houston, but visited your Dad at your old home in the 90′s. I would love to reconnect. Email me if possible at peterlozada@yahoo.com.


    Peter Lozada

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