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2nd week of Dec 2013 blogging

Friday the 13th has always been a lucky day for me.  Hopefully it will be for everyone else!

Change Agent for Hire

Andy Grignon sneaks his new company Eightly – at LeWeb – Robert Scoble also goes over the Age of Context.

#leweb – Kevin Marks on the web that will win

Jeremiah Owyang launches “Crowd Companies” – which is both an alliance and a whole bunch of sponsors….

Straight outta Mill Valley – I’ve been grooving on a short film series called “The Future starts here” by Tiffany Schlain - you go grrrrl!

Open Source rising

Cisco to Spend $4 Billion to Create 1,700 Jobs in Canada – that’s only $2.3m per job.  Great deal, great price.

Did Aaron the High Priest smoke? || The biblical roots of Jews and marijuana

I love the notion of a ‘ChineseLand’ in the Catskills

Ancient Jewish tradition and ritual linked to Marijuana

Pico APIs: Events and Queries

Rethinking the MOOC Movement

Coolio Browser testing tool called “Browser-Sync”

I find it interesting that London cannot get their bike riding service – to work

The Gigaom smart home hub review guide

Where are Docker Images stored?

Yeoman and MeanStack, DataSift,

Date: Friday, December 13th, 2013 | Time: 6:40 pm
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