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10/16 blogging 2013

My sister’s bday is today. Happy BDay Anna

Internet-Connected TVs Are Revolutionizing Media Habits, And Challenging The Traditional TV Industry

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/connected-tvs-transform-the-living-room-2013-10?op=1#ixzz2hviofUIg


My friend Rick Ferdig – at Kent State – is teaching a MOOC on: K-12 Teaching in the 21st Century

MOOCs examined in MVU-Kent State University report

My friend Paolo is an internet meme

SPICE – typical organic local Cleveland place – the kind of place I bet Paolo would love

300 ways to learn how to code. Doug Rushkoff must be happy!

Getting to a gig: How CenturyLink is building out its network and why.

The rise and fall of Silk Road

Lots O VRM developers

Cloud capacity may be bought and sold in an open commodities market

How do you completely LOSE nine episodes of ANY TV Show – let alone Dr. Who?

Crowd designed Hyper-loop

I wonder if Noah Glass (my former roommate) will ever come out and tell his side of the story of founding Twitter. I guess – maybe – they bought him off.

Path is doing layoffs. They definitely jumped the Shark when they pushed to scale up – which is OPPOSITE the ‘scarcity‘ modeled they were based on.

Chromecast is hot

Anyone out there into OPML and Evernote?  Dave needs your help.

Hadoop 2 is finally GA

The battle of the smart launchers commences

Kigali,The First Digital City In Africa

Maybe one day – all links will be “forever”

Taiyuan becomes pilot ‘digital city’

General Assembly further expands its virtual footprint with online tool for learning to code

Hack Attack! Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates Teach “Hour of Code” Online Computer Science Class.

Steal this Singularity

Telecom Italia picks winners of Expo 2015 digital city contest

Google augmented-reality game Ingress to expand to iOS in 2014

OpenSchool ePortfolio, Beyond Transparency, Ghost,

Date: Wednesday, October 16th, 2013 | Time: 7:54 pm
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