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2nd week of Oct 2013 blogging

Just cause I’m holding office hours at “the Creamery” and have started a new blog – doesn’t mean I’ll forget this blog. Dave Winer helps me publicize my “office hours”so then I reciprocate…

Concinnity: A Digital City Exchange Platform – this looks awesome and is a really milestone in my world. I know nothing about these people – so God Bless my Google search bot – which looks for ANY mention of “Digital City” – as soon as it gets into the Borg.

Sustainability and Judaism in Montreal – by my son Aryeh

“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill.They want a quarter-inch hole.”

Do you “believe” in BitCoin?

Wanna know how it works?

MyTime (here’s another review) looks like the kind of hyper-local code we need to build the distributed open web. Now lets see if they’ll open up their ID system and play well – with others?

Hmmm – Samsung mobile developer’s conference.  Hmmm

Lowering Your Standards: DRM and the Future of the W3C

OK so first Apple hires Kevin Lynch from Adobe – who many could argue really did nothing – for a long time – and now they’re hired this guy from CableLabs.  Ever heard of DOCSIS?  I wonder what Apple sees in these guys?

Native vs. HTML5: How the auto industry is forcing change for the mobile web Legal extortion – via MugShots.  Pay to have your photo removed…..

Two key guys at Samsung

I guess – based upon this advice – its time to buy Twitter

Minecraft is indeed – a happening platform for young people.  My daughter Lucy rocks in it.

RSA Animate = re-imagining work Here’s evidence that by being honest and forthright with customers – they actually appreciate it – and stand on YOUR side!

McKinsey Wants Your City To Be Great Ford acquires in-car connectivity startup

A new player in the Gigabit networking game – C Spire

U-Verse connects to iOS and Android

Evernote officially becomes a platform Indie game developers are now able to self-publish on XBoxOne and Playstation4

Tor: the second generation onion router

the Internet is International – TV is not.  So dealing with this – is going to be really important moving forward

I believe Intel TV are the only ones within shooting distance of Google Fiber TV – all the “patch-quilt the old model” boxes are doomed.

Revolution Ventures will invest $200m outside Silly Valley

The battle over playlists commencesBeats is coming Film Projection is going away

May have just found perfect X-Mas presents for our girls.  We’ve bought them phones – but they don’t use them!

General Assembly is abandoning coworking spaces and ONLY doing training/workshops and education

Richard Branson Explains How Involved He Really Is In The Day-To-Day Operations At Virgin

Two Economic Development Lessons from Danville, VA’s Fiber Network

Larry Ellison and Michael Dell – a perfect match MongoDB rising

Happy first anniversary to the Startup Village in KC.

CBGB Music and Film festival

Core18Galaxy Gear, Korean accelerator SparkLabs, Mashape, Evernote Market, Amazon Set Top box, Fremont Project,

Date: Monday, October 7th, 2013 | Time: 5:41 pm
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