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Blogging at the beginning of Oct 2013

Yesterday was a big day – going to Brian Zisk’s SFMusic Summit.  I saw folks from my last lives – and met many new friends.

BTW – I”m holding office hours at the Creamery – at 4th & Townsend and blogging about it: Marc.Canter.com. Come on by for some free advice or just to hang out and talk.

YES!  The battle over the second screen commences!

Kudos to Hyundai who is deferring auto payments from federal employees – during the “shutdown.”  I wish more corps would do that – showing they actually SUPPORT customers in their real lives….

Here’s an awesome service to help freelancers collect – from their clients~  I LOVE that notion!

Etsy has decided to change their policies – for the better

Silk Road busted

BIG NEWS – Facebook admits there’s an Internet – that ISN’T Facebook!

August Smart lock to ship Q1 – 14

Smart roads getting smarter

AirBnb cuts deal with NYC – this is KEY

NYC Opera gone bankrupt

Is it a surprise to anyone that Mark Pincus is bored with games?

Molly Crabapple on art when images are ubiquitous

Report from the field:

- Five AWESOME essential skill sets to make SURE our kids learn!

7 Ways My Classroom Is Better Because I Connect

- Kids are learning at their own pace – in a blended learning environment

- Tweeting down the classroom walls

- Increasing Student Engagement By Grading Backwards

- how to learn from the Maker Faire – in teaching ANYTHING

One of the wonderful things about being back in SF – is going to OpenCo – so I can go and meet all these awesome companies and spaces

Digital City updates:

- the gigabit networking battles commence

They’re talking about Digital Cities in Edcuador

- Building a Digital City: NYC

- Lessons from building NYC.gov

- Open Data in Chi-town – a history

- Google is getting ready to go live in Provo, UT

Inflatable concert hall!

Community-based solar panel ownership

“This is my Jam” rising

Jimmi Wales outs Ageism in Silly Valley

Intel hooks up with Arduino

Verizon ups the ante in enterprise Cloud services

GirlsInnovate, Cards against Humanity, Goldee, Web Designer,  Home delivery 2.0

Date: Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 | Time: 3:11 pm
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