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Getting near the end of Sept. 2013 blogging

Local Kansas City company Sprint is putting its money where it’s local booster mouth is by starting a mobile accelerator. ¬†Right on to that! ¬†Keep the money local!

Google Fiber and U.S. Ignite are trying to find a reason why someone would NEED gigabit networking – right now.

BetaWorks Openbeta solicitation

Freescale processor for IOT

MicroDuino = $20 (size of quarter)

Going “cloudnostic”

Goodbye NPAPI

The API economy is coming

REST hooks and the real-time web

Nolan Bushnell thinks he’s going to change education via games

Indeed personality is very important


Date: Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 | Time: 2:04 pm
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