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Final day of Aug. 2013 – blogging

Steve Sinofsky appears to be a really smart dude.  No wonder Ballmer got rid of him.  Sinofsky is an obvious candidate to take over from Ballmer.

Increasingly, innovative businesses are being built around application programming interfaces (APIs) – which provide pre-built cloud resources for the underlying forms and functions for new businesses and concepts. This is helping to accelerate the time new businesses and new concepts get to market, versus re-inventing the wheel every time someone gets a new idea.

One second on the Internet

Virtual work culture at Automattic.  They might not be keeping up with the blogging tool ‘Jones’ – but Matt is doing EXACTLY what I’d be doing – if I was doing that

Big Ups and kudos to John Battelle and the OpenCo office in Detroit.  Only one problem – its not Cleveland.  This is exactly what I hoped to help accomplish here – oh well.

Bring me your accents – Immigrants fuel Innovation

WordPress.com Connect – and so it continues….. ID is the single most important element of the open web.  WE are the Content!

People pay premiums for products with compelling backstories

Parisian crowd-complaining app

My theories of “digital lifestyle aggregation” are being proven true

Training software that pauses – when you look away

Feedly will  be supporting dynamic OPML

Digital City news:

- Tees Valley developing – past 10 years

- They’re figuring out digital economy ecosystems in Wales – now that broadband has showed up

- Governance in the Digital City

App.net = savior or yet another…..

Smart Glass rising

Starwahl, Save the date, Insticator, Digital Ocean, Motion Books,

Date: Friday, August 30th, 2013 | Time: 11:02 am
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