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Birthday blogging 2013

Its birthday time again and I’m 56 years old – 1-13-13 is such a good number!

Doc has an amazing collection of links about Aaron Shwartz’s suicide. Where’s Joi Ito?  MIT.edu currently downSpeaking of RSS – here’s an official history of who did what.

Here’s a great one from Jeff Jarvis:

And Aaron Swartz has taught me that content must not be the end game for knowledge. Why does knowledge become an article in a journal—or that which fills a book or a publication—except for people to use it? And only when they use it does content become the tool it should be. Not using knowledge is an offense to it. If it cannot fly free beyond the confines of content, knowledge cannot reach its full value through collaboration, correction, inspiration, and use.

I’m not saying that content wants to be free. I am asking whether knowledge wants to be content.

Adam Curry posted a “History of Adam” and what he’s up to now – video. I’m actually part of some of those stories.

Its Ted Cohen week – first a mention from Pete Townsend (go to 27:30), then this great article on him.  Congrats Ted!

Music Hackday ’13 – SF Feb. 16-17 – then the SF Music Fest on Feb. 19th

Lucas Gonze is starting to get it. His old boss – Ian Rogers is now the CEO of “Daisy” – this streaming service will truly be a “brand” – Dr. Dre + Trent Reznor………..

Google bought a startup – called Zavers – which was formed in Kansas City.  Then then moved them to Boulder, CO. It launched this week.

Google Fiber Speedtest

I love this startup - Zirtual.  This is going to be a major job category for normal people – virtual assistants (who live “anywhere!”)

Congrats to Chicago on appointing a real “a Diversity of Ideas” advisory board for their Digital Hub.

Congrats to Aaron Deacon and the rest of the folks at the Social Media Club of Kansas City on their award!

Working on more than one company – at a time

Alyx Falkner’s journey – to Kansas City

Travelocity’s concierge service

Dave McClure’s strategy is paying off!

The coming era of Interactive Design

Happy 125th Anniversary to National Geographic

Janrain raises ANOTHER $33M – which brings their cash in – to a total of $53M.  They claim their model is in their user’s “data.”  I wonder if all those user’s who use Janrain’s Single Sign-on tech – know that?

MyMagic+ = Disney integrates RFID into Disney World – but will it shorten the lines?

Oh Goodey – Coursera now offers certifications – which are basically receipts for paying for your on-line education!

Codecademy is doing what I’d be doing.  Making sure folks can take their recently acquired knowledge and apply it to mashups and utilizing APIs. RIGHT ON DUDES!

Context = Google Now

Malmo, Sweden = Green City

What makes coworking work?

Ruby patch, Kaggle, Sightdeck, Google’s London Web Lab, xx

Date: Monday, January 14th, 2013 | Time: 11:29 am
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  1. Happy belated birthday, Marc. I ,like much of America have been engrossed in the Swartz story. Thank you for providing the RSS timeline. The who did what, DW against the world thing is pretty ugly and tawdry. Winer makes an interesting point on SN yesterday when he says it is not so much about invention as adoption.

    You are one of the real smart guys. Best to you.

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