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Middle of December – right before the end of the world – blogging

Paying it forward never felt so good.

They love publicity in the Silicon Prairie and they get very introspective in examining how they’re getting that pub.

Interesting new insight that Blair Levin gave Baron’s on Google Fiber: “There are only a few companies in the world that can get operating expense down to the kind of level Google has got it when you’re talking about transporting bits.Baron’s is also reporting that an anlyst has gone through comments on Facebook and that every State in the Union has requested Google Fiber.  So everyone is waiting for Google Fiber – everywhere.

SoundCloud is starting to “do a Zuckerberg”

Brad Feld demands that the President of Colorado University at Boulder retract his scare tactic statements about the University losing Federal funding because of legalized marijuana.  I applaud Brad and Congressman Jared Polis on their strong statements and stance against this scare mongering.  But did we expect anything less?  After a 70+ year prohibition (which ain’t over YET) we have to EXPECT that the status quo will fight to keep us in the past!

Indeed its an outrage that we continue to ignore the huge problem of unemployment!

Interesting argument that startups don’t like freelancers.  I both agree and disagree! If you can afford to hire full-time – please do.  But most entrepreneurs don’t have VC money!

Making money off the inevitable return of the housing market.  Buy cheap, fix up, rent out – and wait.

MEGASTOMP: The perfect present for the good Jewish boy in all of us!

Zaarly local event in Kansas City – Tues Dec. 11th

20 fantastic JQuery web type plugins!

the NEW version of YouTube gets rid of the “old” embed code – so now when I try and embed YouTube videos in my WordPress blog – it don’t work!

I like the principles of this company – Benetech

Happy Hanukkah and Merry X-Mas from the Shaker Heights 5th grade band – featuring Miriam Canter (French Horn) as one of 280

Congrats to Otto Berkes – sounds like he’s being rewarded for great work done! I wish more Hollywood CTOs got their jobs this way!

Huh!  Didn’t Beats buy MOG?

Sharing Signals: FIBER, Why Events Matter, in Video [Mexico Meets NL]

Reputation.com, Nike Accelerator,

Date: Monday, December 10th, 2012 | Time: 2:42 pm
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