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Second week of December 2012 blogging

The end is near – enjoy it while you can.  Just not sure if you should use your last dollars buying X-Mas presents when it’s just not clear if we’ll make it – that far!


I started a G+ Community called “On-line Jobs for Normal people” – come on in and join-in the conversation!  I’m asking folks to download and take a read of a book I’m working on – which spells out in details – how we imagine a Digital City project would work.

I wonder (aloud) if Michael Arrington feels any sense of guilt by enabling all these companies who are screwing us.  Whether he senses any irony in the fact that TechCrunch helped put them – where they are today – and where his very own TechCrunch bombards my Reader account every day with loads of press-release ware – so that AOL can optimize the brand and monetize – to the fullest?

HomesforHackers made it into Babbage!  Congrats to Ben et al.  Indeed it’s time to talk about what to do WITH all this bandwidth!

Digital Natives: Higher Education’s Multicultural Marketing Challenge – really good article on the realities of what higher education SHOULD be doing – versus – what’s actually going on. Remember – Universities are the bastions of the past – change is NOT what they are about!  They’re about preserving the past and their tenures!

Its not the end, its the beginning.  Get yee OUT of Silicon valley young entrepreneurs – head HOME!

More enthusiastic reports from Kansas City on Google Fiber TV

TNW (the Next Web) Academy

480G Solid State Drive

Silicon Prairie News rising

Derry, Northern Ireland is getting ultrafast broadband

John Battelle on open platforms

Udemy raises $12M

Digital City Innovation: Embracing Digital

Everybody’s going to work for DropBox.

Cloudera gets $65M in VC – you think maybe there’s interest in Hadoop?

Just removed my first connection in LinkedIn

GamerTalent, Grandparents.com, Roland V-40HD, UFO MIDI controller, Sulia,

Date: Friday, December 7th, 2012 | Time: 5:04 pm
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