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Getting near Turkey time 2012

Fantastic discussion on distributed social networks – all reacting to Mark Cuban’s lambasting of Facebook.  Started by Dave Winer.

Real world speed tests coming out of Kansas City of Google Fiber. Its ALL about direct ethernet baby!  Wifi is so – so – so yesterday!

Edmonton launches a “citizen dashboard!”this is SO AWESOME!

Twitter is pivoting, Dick Costello is happy and we all – can now get to ‘disintermediating’ them!

Aviary burrows its way into the beast – Wal-mart

Music education rising

MOOCs as networks

I love the notion of an open ‘Airplay’ standard – driven by Android and Google!

theAudience is a new kind of social media service for those who can afford (or shall I say CAN’T afford not to) make SURE their social media “footprints” are appropriate, in tact and pro-active!  Celebs!

Ingrid Riley and her Connectimass did it again – down in Kingston, Jamaica!


They’re hacking away in Kansas City

They’re laying fiber along the hedgerows

Bristol, TN gets fiber!

Citizen Dan: Community Indicators for Local Communities

the story of Zack Sims and Codecademy

On-line music education is hot.  It pays the bills.

We’re gonna head out out to Amish country to pick up a fresh fresh Turkey, butchered that day.  Most Amish don’t have refrigeration – so they eat what they kill – that day or the next.  My father-in-law does some driving for his next door neighbors, out in the country around Mineral Point, WI. They sometime pay him in buckets of raw meat.

Congrats to Kaltura on their continued success!

Vidyo rising

MadMapper, SoundSlice, Lilypond, LittleBits,

Date: Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 | Time: 2:25 pm
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