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My take on “Like-gate”

One has to applaud Mark Cuban on taking a stand against Facebook.  This is a turning point in our industry - as Cuban is refusing to go along with Facebook’s new business model – which CHARGES brands and bloggers to get access to their entire ‘customer’ (follower) fanbase.

Brands and users have been told by Facebook that as they increase their “likes” – and increase their ‘customer’ base, that they will be able to reach these folks – with news, announcements, posts and offers – for FREE!  But as Facebook has come under greater pressure to produce revenues – they’ve changed that policy and now ask to get PAID to allow these posts and offers – through the EdgeRank algorithm and actually reach Facebook users.

So Cuban is saying “No! I’ll take my business elsewhere!”

What’s especially interesting to me is that Cuban talks about sending customers to Twitter and Tumblr and even to the new MySpace – but not Google and their G+ social network.  I wonder why?

I assume it’s because Cuban thinks Google makes enough money already and doesn’t see G+ as a real social network.  Weird – cause  I would NEVER click on or read a Twitter offer or ad – but I do in G+.

Hmmm – this is getting interesting. What better way then to decry the very system that Cuban embraces?  What better way then to vilify the entire Wall St. public market system?  What better way then to………

Wait!  Then how do Facebook employees get paid?  How does this entire system work – if there isn’t this “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?” waiting for IPOs?


Maybe the entire system of capitalism needs to change?

What’s really depressing is that young turks like Dalton Caldwell don’t see anything wrong with this interpretation of the attention economy. They think it’s perfectly fine to have Facebook’s paywall charge brands to sneakily insert ads, which look like stories into user’s activity streams.  This is because these people don’t really believe in the free and open web.

They think that it’s ALL about exploiting and manipulating and tricking people – so that THEY can make money of of these tricks.  That’s their interpretation of the opportunities that our free web gives them.  That’s why they LOVE Facebook.

One would think that Dalton Caldwell – among all other people – would get how fundamentally wrong Facebook is.  He himself has been victimized by their closed door, exclusionary policies (which fucked him) – but one has to simply look at app.net to see Dalton’s response.

He’s created a PAID Twitter environment.  He’ll never ever ever ever gain the kind of traction and uptake an open and free Twitter can.  Or maybe he WANTS a closed Twitter-like environment, hoping to achieve the kind of exclusive, insider-y kind of feeling that Dave Morin’s Path achieves.

Whatever.  I don’t really care.  The free and open web will just route around these people.

Mark Cuban has made that clear.  He’s NOT going to pay for attention!

Date: Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 | Time: 10:19 am

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  1. Interesting. I’d not thought of App.net as being in the exclusive vein of Svbtle, Branch and Medium.

    On the one hand I applaud Facebook for their ability to keep challenging themselves and their existing models. eg their approach and switch to openness from closed, their switch to a timeline from newsfeed.

    Throttling is just wrong. Leasing me back the attention I’ve earned is wrong. It’s especially wrong when they retro fit it. If they begun that way it would be different. They didn’t and they need to factor that into the deal.

    There is a difference between making Facebook easier places to share and stay in touch (where openness wins) and throttling attention.

    At least with Google you can see their clear and consistent focus.

    Ads are ads, content is content and let social engagement be just that.

    Perhaps G+ not trying to be social will let them win. Right now I hope so.

    If G+ has the eyeballs that FB has I think it would be an easy decision to drop FB and adopt G+

    I applaud Mark Cuban.

  2. condofranca Nov 27th 2012

    ZUCKERBERG has been doing this since the first F8 conference. During the very first F8 conference ZUCK told the audience that we could keep all the ad revenue and all the ad dollars generated by our apps. After we all spend the year(s) making apps for Facebook Platform he suddenly changed his mind and started charging 30% and blocking ads.


    He gets you in…. then he charges you $$$$$.

    It is shameful that the FTC/SEC allowed the Number #1 Social Network Facebook buy the #2 Social Network Instagram. That should have been blocked on anti-trust grounds. Instead our dumb government allowed Facebook to limit competition in Social Networking and what we get is MONOPOLY PRICING folks.

    Even users cant share word-of-mouth with their friends without paying Facebook. Lets say I want to share a new movie with my 50 friends. Only 8 of them MAX is going to see my post on their news feed. And make no mistake when you have 50 to 150+ friends that only place users are gonna look is on their news feed for new information.

    Facebook is NOT OPEN. Its closed and its blocking free speech.

    Facebook now owns WORD OF MOUTH people !

    And the communications between you and your friends.

    And lastly your Privacy is out the window and you have no choice anymore.

    Click on a “Like” and Facebook uses your face and image to sell ads and you dont even see it on your own News Feed.

    Its all bad. I am no longer on Facebook.

    This may end badly for users.

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