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Fourth week of October 2012 blogging

As Brad Feld says “Feeders leaders” – indeed entrepreneurs are the driving force, yet its too easy to just hand them all the responsibilities. Individuals have to act like entrepreneurs – too!  Individuals, not companies are the future of our workforce.  I see Brad’s Startup Communities as the element that we (Digital City mechanics) don’t have to worry about.  There’s lots of activities there.  We’re trying to complement what Brad’s Thesis is all about – and extend those benefits to normal people.

What a notion!  Instead of creating yet another closed silo, lets compete across ALL silos!

Yet another IIW (Internet Identity Workshop) coming up in Mountain View and Doc Searls is asking folks to think about ‘wallets.’

SXSW has truly jumped the shark.  Now they think they can take their brand and mafioso like control – to Vegas. I guess Hugh Forest et al see themselves as the next generation Shelly Adelson.  I just hope they’re not fascist Republicans.

App store of Chicago Digital City Apps

Cisco has announced another “smart+connected” city project – this time in a housing development outside of Orlando, FL – Lake Nona. Some call Lake Nona an Aerotropolis.

The folks at CWRU and the local ‘broadband’ developer OneCommunity – have made a non-announcement called Intesa. here in Cleveland the only economy is health, so they’re going on about ‘health services’ – but its just not clear what they really mean.  Not really sure WHAT they’re saying – but folks here in Cleveland don’t even know the difference!

Intel Sustainable Connected Cities Institute, Cisco Future Cities initiative and the Digital City Exchange project are all involved in this effort to convert 19th century water infrastructure to ‘modern’ smart city technology.

I’m starting to work on a new music startup – so when I run into this kind of stuff – I’m reminded that music is the universal language and that I’m a trained singer. I was actually a union card carrying Musician’s Union member – at one point – for the Grant Park Symphony Chorus.

PayNearMe for the unbanked

Open Technology Challenge – Illinois

I’ve been waiting for this.  If the whole thing is not called Docs anymore – but Drive – then what do we call each individual Google tool? Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slide.  And what about Drawing?

Dan Lyons = the fake Richard MacManus

Dave is right – Techmeme is a tool for the VCs

Angel Capital group relocates to Kansas City!

32-bit Arduino

Open source video mixer, Snowmix

ConnectNYC challenge

Lucas Gonze has a strong argument that we should use video all the time.  Why use only audio?

Brief history of gestural interfaces

Cloudera makes SQL a first-class citizen in Hadoop

Then there are those with differing opinions.  I was interviewed for this fluff piece, which actually believes everything they were told. I guess they didn’t like what I had to say.  This is how Cleveland works – they just act blissfully optimistic and hope it comes true!

They’re geeking out in Kansas City  utilizing Hangouts. This is the Camp Fire Youth Advisory Cabinet conducting their leadership retreat via Google+ Hangout at the Fiber Space Lounge last Saturday.

Economic development – San Francisco-style:

Date: Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 | Time: 4:52 pm
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