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Post debate #1 blogging – Oct. ’12

Matt MacAllister nails it – Rethinking news for a world of ubiquitous connectivity

Yahoo as a platform – wow – that’s pretty revolutionary.  Only 10 years late.

Important changes happening at the Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City!  Lets hope they not only continue to support the city’s efforts, but double down!

Its fascinating for me to see Kansas City – and it’s Google Fiber driven new fame – trickle through our industry.  This is last week’s news – not being reported by TechDirt – spreading the meme far and wide.

Anything about the intersection of software, the Open Internet and higher education – is a good thing.

Basic ground rules for working remotely

Lenovo to manufacture laptops and tablets in the U.S.

Congrats to inCharge – on your investment from ThinkBig! And congrats to Phonefactor on being acquired by Microsoft.

I’d be interested to know what $249 buys you at the “Running Lean” workshop? Specifics?

Once you start working with an outliner – everything changes.

Fred Wilson is teaching a class on business sustainability – on-line.  eg. he’s eating his own dogfood.

Digital City reports:

- Great article in Forbes on Kansas City’s LaunchKC efforts

- Open 311 – in Chicago

- Starbucks: We can’t wait for government

- Sustainable Connected Cities - Dublin collaboration w/Intel

- The battle for the Smart City

- Great article on Rarewire moving to Kansas City!  Congrats to Kirk et al!

- CodeForAmerica is coming to Kansas City – with Fellows

- Entrepreneurial radio on the AM dial – sponsored by the Kauffman Fondation

- 3D city modeling tool

To those of us who worked on these classic videogames – I can’t tell you how awesome it feels to watch the Ohio State marching band’s tribute!:

Commissioned street art

Diaspora has the completely wrong architecture

Congrats to Ingrid Riler and David Mullings on the keystone Augusta sponsorship ($500kJ – or $5,586.77 US)

If someone you know starts talking about setting up their own data center – tell them NO!

Polycom has figured out how to connect to Skype, Facebook and Google Talk – with their CloudAxis platform. NICE!  But theyll have to be SIP and WebRTC compliant to become a universal standard.

LifeLong, Streamweaver, WebPlatform.org, Symbolab,

I’ve always thought that tattoos were an ancient relic, tied to the past – splattering grotesque designs onto human skin.  I’ve often imagined what a tattoo SHOULD look like.  Here are a couple.

and I really like this one….

Date: Monday, October 8th, 2012 | Time: 12:38 pm
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