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Gap between traditional “computer skills training” and “programming lessons”

Our Digital City Educational Methodology is designed to fill the gap between traditional computer skills training (which is available at Community Colleges,training centers and most school systems) with the currently hot sector of training people to become programmers.

This huge gap is where most workers will end up in the future.  They will NOT be programmers (despite my friend Doug Rushkoff’s leadership in the notion of ‘Programmed or be Programmed’) but that doesn’t mean that these folks won’t be sitting in front of on-line machines, doing their daily tasks which puts food on their tables and keeps a roof over their heads.

The workforce of tomorrow will need these ‘intermediate’ and ‘advanced’ skill sets that train workers to exist in a culture of project-based activities and freelance working conditions.  This is the reality of tomorrow and that’s what Digital City Mechanics is focused on.

Here’s the Day One set of training videos – which is the beginning of our Educational Methodology curriculum.

Date: Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 | Time: 12:38 pm
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  1. Fascinating idea with Digital City Mechanics. I worked with the Intel Classmate PC Project in Africa and I often grew frustrated with the quality of computer skills training material available and the formats in which they were being delivered. This sounds like something I would love to follow to see what the outcomes are.

    Great job, Marc!!!

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