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Mid-July 2012 blogging

AMAZING – Gizmodo (being ten years) acts like a mature member of the web and points ot Dave Winer – as a key figure in the web.  Crediting him with blogging and RSS – Dave was asked to write up how he thought up blogging and then they held an open forum with Dave – yesterday.  Dear readers – please indulge me – as I sit here in Cleveland – Dave mentions me.  Its all a true story.  So thank you Dave, thank you Gizmodo and thank you – Jimmi Cagney for portraying George M. Cohan for well.

David Weinberger reacts to some crazy ideas on what Google will do in Kansas City

Awwwww!  You mean not everyone loves Siri! I bet the fanboys do!

Happy Bday Woody Guthrie

Indeed Ageism is a topic to discuss - especially put into the context of jobs.  And I can’t wait til Loic runs into Ageism!

Digital City reports:

- 10 free wifi spots announced in NYC – at payphone booths. At least they figured out something to do WITH those old relics!

- EU invests €365M in Smart Cities

- Peeling back the layers of Mesh cities

- Prarie moves: KC’s social media command center

- Noteworthy educational programs

- London party producers

- 32 bit London schools too slow for digital age and NextGenSkills

Context awareness is the new black

Indeed Open Data DOES work in triangles

Becoming contributing members of society – the San Quentin Incubator

Antidotes to dry-spell anxiety – from the Freelancer’s Union

Russell Beattie available for hire

Connecting for Good

Roger McNamee speaks the truth about the Facebook IPO - I wonder if anyone is listening?

This is why God inventing User generated Content.  Its nice to see that YouTube LET her post this – I guess having a link to buy the song – helped.

Date: Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 | Time: 12:22 pm
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