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Summer is beginning 2012 – blogging

The kids are off from school, summer camp starts next week.  I’m deeply immersed in Digital City bizdev and we’re starting to get approached by “others.”


The Coming Jobs War (Gallup Press, 2011), by Jim Clifton, CEO of Gallup.

“The primary will of the world is no longer about peace or freedom or even democracy; it is not about having a family, and it is neither about God nor about owning a home or land. The will of the world is first and foremost to have a good job. Everything else comes after that.”

Google IP Set top box spotted in the wild.

I hate it when the workers in the slave dorms building iPhones – riot.

50% OF US adults over 65 are on-line.  The real issue is “how many of them are ready to sign up for part-time work – as virtual workers?”

huge spaces we never fully explored because his presence loomed so large

Palo Alto wants to be a Digital City

Yuma, AZ  Social Media Day – they want to be a “digital city” – too!

Connecting Layar’s ‘AR’ tech to city infrastructure and GIS

new kinds of dashboards are appearing – rebelmouse is one

“Emerging trends in Urban Infomatics” – by McKinsey, paid for by Rockefeller

1871 is happening in Chicago.  I wonder how many people know of the significance of the date? And how many people know the lyrics of the song?

The latest Sketchbook coming out of Kauffman Foundation:

How the mighty have fallen.  Anyone out there remember a company called “Sony?”

Gina Bianchini is starting another company and I gotta wonder whether she’ll do a bait and switch on her customers – again.  If you recall Ning took $125M, enabled 2M networks and then turned around and informed everyone that they had to PAY.  I think that’s why the VCs like Gina so much.

Lots of definitions of what a “digital city” is. I just hope they don’t try to trademark the term.

Congrats to the Internet on finally getting a numbering system in place that we can grow with

Interesting insights into the future of TV = by Doc Searls

Interview with Todd Park – the new CTO of the U.S.A.

Perfect casting of John Sculley

Congrats to Sonya Pryor-Jones on being appointed Director of Cleveland Central Promise

5 great tips from Frog Design on pitching

More on the upcoming SimCity – this is why they said “these are NOT the final graphics” when they were showing off the simulation AI code – a couple of weeks ago.  Full 3D with each house and object being its own autonomous simulation.  ‘Bout time – is what I say!

Cheap nuclear power = Thorium

Drawing Card: a new baseball novel of Cleveland

vjay, Ringadoc,

Date: Thursday, June 7th, 2012 | Time: 5:40 pm
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