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Third week of May blogging – 2012

When Facebook goes public, Zuck will be in California.  Zuck wearing a hoodie for Wall St. – says it all.

“the Story of Send” – this is the type of self-explanatory, technical videos that I think ALL brands should produce and THEIR products and services – and hire locals to do the work!

When I met Ross Levinsohn, he was a big shot at MySpace.  I told him he needed to let his user’s control their data – and he laughed at me.

What’s missing from this chart? SMART  JOB CREATION!  Indeed the market that we’re focused on is predicted to be a $1T market by 2016 – but they don’t seem to think that creating jobs is important!  Education, government, business, creativity, health – all working together – leads to job creation.  IMHO

Virtual companies are where its at!

Congrats to Diaspora – for pivoting and still going

Marc Cuban hits it on the head – the entire world of education is headed for some major disruption and things aren’t to get any better – for a while. Certainly not as long as Silicon Valley and NYC worry about VCs which incubator will pick them up and how to get an acqui-hire buyout.   They don’t seem to care about what happens to normal people or how THEY can take advantage of Facebook IPOs.  Software is NOT about making money – even Mark Cuban realizes that.  This is MUCH bigger and it’s gonna take a WHOLE lotta change to get us there!

Congrats to Lucas Gonze and family!

I had heard of this $1B Ghost town for testing new Digital City technologies – and they’re starting construction now.  Only one problem. Any city without people in it – is not a city.

Scripted.com – for freelance writers.  Not to be confused with scripting.com.

Exec (Justin Kan’s concierge service) will be serving up beer and hot dogs (and I assume Krispy Kreme donuts and garlic fries) at Pac-Bell, I mean AT&T Stadium in SF. Classic.

30 story hotel built in 15 days:

Holstee, FlexHire, Zaarly,

Date: Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 | Time: 11:03 am
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