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Activity based experiences

We’re working in a space where we take technology and apply it to people.  We don’t necessarily make all this technology (Google Docs, PBWorks, Prezi) but we will create our own “dashboard” platform that we can call our own.  We consider our magic sauce in figuring out exactly how to get local folks included, caring and contributing to their neighborhood’s “cyber presence.”  This kind of community activism and collaboration is the kind of thing that “hyper-local” models have been salivating over – for years.

Mobile apps have shown that if you apply media, text or interactive gesture to a real world scenarios and context – that the magic happens.  Here are a bunch of those scenarios – as I imagined them in 2002 – while living at the Golden Gate apartments on SF’s Embarcadaro – staring at the Bay Bridge.

Th idea is that we could offer a whole bunch of these kinds of experiences, and each experience would open up to reveal an ecosystem of vendors, curators, concierge services, developers, designers and other creative staff – who would then (after you’ve configured your experience, and recruited your talent) would then go on to produce an amazing, real-time, global on-line environment – all maintained and updated by highly specialized “agents” who knew just ‘how you like it.”

Maybe its time to build this.

Date: Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 | Time: 12:38 pm
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