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It’s 4/20 @ 4:20 in 2012 – do you know about the Underground Economy?

The big, ugly 800 lb Gorilla in the legalization room – is “where does all that money go – which is used to buy Marijuana?”

$100Bs a year is spent in an underground economy which not only will never see the light of day, but will never be used to pave our roads, pay school teachers or sponsor the Arts.  The Right Wing has War to pay for their fun and games – and finance anything they want.  But the Left does NOT have a stable, reoccurring revenue model – other than putting our hands out and asking for alms.

The underlying realization that legalization can bring boo-koo bucks into Governments tax coffers – is starting to wake up Amerika.  And as Amerika goes – so goes the world.

What happens when Pot becomes legal?

a) Less traffic fatalities

b) Better parties

c) Lots of medical discoveries, new organic clothing lines and all sorts of soaps, herbs and natural products

d) A world benefiting from tax dollars – from Central America and Lebanon, to Afghanistan, Nepal and New Zealand

e) A new era of enlightenment, where the arts and education are properly funded – which THEN leads to……

f) Those States refusing to cooperate – become havens for Tea Party, Crackers and other Right wing nut cases

g) California and Hawaii start Reefer-Tourism industries

When will we end this prohibition?

Date: Friday, April 20th, 2012 | Time: 4:21 pm
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