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Mid-April blogging 2012

Congrats to Doc Searls – “the Intention Economy” is finally out!  Here’s the intro:

This book stands with the customer. This is out of necessity, not sympathy. Over the coming years customers will be emancipated from systems built to control them. They will become free and independent actors in the marketplace, equipped to tell vendors what they want, how they want it, where and when—even how much they’d like to pay—outside of any vendor’s system of customer control. Customers will be able to form and break relationships with vendors, on customers’ own terms, and not just on the take-it-or-leave-it terms that have been pro forma since Industry won the Industrial Revolution.

$5M for hi-tech workforce training in the Kansas Cities – paid for with H1B fees!

CloudFactory looks like a fantastic idea, well designed and right on!  THIS is what we’re talking about – on-line jobs for trained normal people! RIGHT ON!

SF rising - Jay Nath’s “SF Innovation Secrets”

London is totally happening

Souljah Boy + Shoply

This seems like a pretty interesting opportunity – Code for America: Civic Accelerator

Rackspace has announced what it bills as the “first large-scale, production ready next generation cloud, powered by OpenStack and backed by Fanatical Support.” Purportedly, the deployment features “a robust portfolio of cloud solutions such as Cloud Servers, Cloud Databases, Cloud Block Storage, Cloud Networks, a completely new cloud Control Panel, Cloud Monitoring and support for the OpenStack API.”

The Mayor’s Bistate Innovations team

They’re getting it together in the Kansas Cities.  A consortium of stakeholders and agencies has created a “playbook” for cooperation, funding and collaboration.  This is EXACTLY what we (Digital City Mechanics) need to get ourselves into the Kansas Cities market.  Thanks to Dave Sandel (among others) for making this happen!

“Who Killed Yahoo?” – from my own experiences and multiple attempts at giving Yahoo – a clue – I’d say it was management, for sure.  I saw first hand how some clued in managers (Brad Horowitz) had to fight for the right thing, while being given a checkbook to buy virtually anything they could, and then they’d do nothing WITH the acquisition!  OMG – over and over again!

I think I’ll drop by this “History of University Circle” meeting and make sure that the History of Hessler St - is included.

Elvis Costello has a Spinning Song Wheel on stage….

Influential music cities

Turns out I have a nephew working at CloudFlare. Tee hee hee – he said he’d invest in us – once he’s a millionaire!  “Go Dane GO!”

Kickstarter told us – our project was TOO big!

Enterprise cloud inertia helps Openstack – indeed

Neighborhoodland, CircleUp, Cloudfactory, Mifos

Date: Wednesday, April 18th, 2012 | Time: 10:29 pm
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