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Easter blogging 2012

Anti-fracking is in

Free excerpt for Doc Searls upcoming book, The Intention Economy.

Reality check guidelines on just who can invest much – where – from now until 2013 – at which point the floodgates open!

Oprah is putting real-time interactive on-line technology to use – combining with her form of audience and fan engagement

Etsy is sending 20 women to summer programming bootcamp!  Talk about a company that understands its customers!  Right on to Chad Dickerson for figuring this out!

5 Social Entrepreneurship startups

Richard Branson’s “Branson Centre for Entrepreneurshipled a group of well intentioned entrepreneurs to Jamaica.  It was a “wonderful” experience for all. Then they went home.  We find that there’s a tremendous difference between mentoring and helping by giving advice – and actually rolling up your sleeves, getting out of the air conditioned climate and actually sweating a bit and doing actual work.

On-line Seders are coming into their own.  We had our first on-line Haggadah in 1995.

Wanna see how the insiders think?  Here’s a guy who has NO PROBLEM raising as much cash as he wants

“Strive” Cradle to Career communities – another example of “connecting-the-dots”

7 books on self employmentthe Self Employed Revolutionthe Year of the Entrepreneur

Job Seekers typically have :06 seconds to make an impression

Just to prove how important OpenStack is – here’s an analysis of WHO made the contributions to OpenStack – by company.

Our hero on the JOBS act – Steve Case is now focused on Immigration reform.  RIGHT ON!

Ever wonder what bored, rich kids do all day long – with their money? Rube Goldberg machines!

The only problem with Surf Air is that here are SO many insider, private, rich schmucks in Paolo Alto and LA – that they’ll never be any available seating on an 8 seater providing unlimited flights between NoCal and SoCal.  They’re also gonna need ot go down to San Diego and Laguna Beach area.  And they were SMART they’d also be covering up to Eureka – for THOSE kinds of entrepreneurs – as well!  But since Surf Air is run by a buddy of Dick Cheney’s…… probably not.


Date: Monday, April 9th, 2012 | Time: 10:19 am
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