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Pesach blogging 2012

Chag Semeach you’all!

Very nice, personable rap from Larry Page. I wish all CEOs treated us – the users-  like this.

The OpenStack solution is maturing quickly and gaining stability. Meanwhile Services, not software, should be the focus of cloud computing – is the underlying message – when it comes to open source clouds. Some think we can have more than one open cloud.   Hmmmm

Awesome compilation of subversive remix videos

Meanwhile the OTHER Google founder is “eating his own dogfood.”

Ryan Gosling did something nice

Insights into ageism and startups – from a middle aged guy – NOTE: I’ve been working 130 hour workweeks – for 30+ years.

Interesting insights into Jobs loss and gains.

Latest coolio work from R/GA

OMG!  Make the forking – STOP!

Digital Public Library of America

WayGoz, PeoplePlotr,

Date: Friday, April 6th, 2012 | Time: 1:51 pm
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