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Google FTTH becoming a reality

Google announced today progress and some details on their deployment of fiber-optic, Gigabit Networking to ‘the Kansas Cities’. [I love that term BTW - it's hard to say KCK or KCMo.]

Their blog post does a real good job at describing what’s going on, what’s been achieved and where its all headed.  Its called FTTH - fiber to the home.  One contiguous piece of glass will directly connect ‘the Internet’ to KC residents homes and apartments.  This is exactly what we did on the ‘Case Connection Zone‘ here in Cleveland on Hessler st.  But we ran the glass to only 104 residences.  Google’s talking millions!

Here’s a great chart showing the network architecture:

Real straight forward, no bandwidth throttling, vendors getting in the way, open network that “theoretically” anything can pass to and from – with no restrictions.  Its a reason to MOVE to Kansas City!

One of the big questions that everyone will be asking, debating and scrutinizing in Kansas City is “what do you do WITH a 1G Internet connection line?” Obviously time will tell – but answering this question has become a marketing theme and “angle” for our new startup – Digital City Mechanics.

We believe that it is stability and security that is a 1G network line’s greatest benefit.  Both today AND for tomorrow. Because without rock solid up time and secure packets, we can NEVER get on with building digital economy ecosystems and new kinds of software infrastructure.  Our net needs to be as stable as the gas, water and electricity that flows into my home.  It is NOT that stable now – and we can thank AT&T and T-W for that instability (at least in my neighborhood in Shaker Heights.)  We certainly can’t count on connectivity from Verizon or Sprint – right?

So purpose #1 of having FTTH – is rock solid stable, secure Internet connectivity - in all it’s open glory.

May the fiber trucks “be with you.”

Oh yah – Google hedged on Google TV even BEING in KC and they totally didn’t answer “when will this connectivity to be available – for us?”

Oh well – they must be listening to their lawyers.

I have my own internal bet going on – which will appear first: First hookup service of customers onto this glass network?  Or the release of the G+ Federated ID layer APIs?  the race is on!

Date: Thursday, April 5th, 2012 | Time: 11:56 am
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