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Thank you Steve, Om and Robert

GigaOm writes:

Jobs (and by extension, Apple) has taught me (and I am sure others) a big lesson: If you want to change something, you have to be patient and take the long view. If Apple and Steve’s incredible comeback teaches us something, it’s that when you are right and the world doesn’t see it that way, you just have to be patient and wait for the world to change its mind.

Today, we are living in a world that’s about taking short-term decisions: CEOs who pray to at the altar of the devil called quarterly earnings, companies that react to rivals, politicians who are only worried about the coming election cycle and leaders who are in for the near-term gain.

And then there are Steve and Apple: a leader and a company not afraid to take the long view, patiently building the way to the future envisioned for the company. Not afraid to invent the future and to be wrong. And almost always willing to do one small thing — cannibalize itself. Under Steve, Apple was happy to see the iPhone kill the iPod and iPad kill the MacBook. He understands that you don’t walk into the future by looking back. If you do, you trip over yourself and break your nose. Just look at Hewlett-Packard, and you know what I am talking about.

To say the Internet is all a flutter would be an understatement.  Now EVERYONE has something to blog about!  This is the story Robert’s been waiting to write – for 34 years.

As Steve Jobs slowly dies in front of our eyes, every attention to detail is being executed.  Keep the stock price high, stash as much cash as they can, let Steve do whatever Steve wants to do.  Capture as much as we can of his brilliance, ’cause he won’t be around forever.  This day has been coming for years.  Its here now.

But Apple is still an onerous, closed platform.  What I wish is that they’d use their cash and power to open up.  And be a “nicer” company.  End all lawsuits immediately!  How much money and success is enough?

Its great to be moving on – into this new post-Jobs era.  Maybe some of his idealism will rub off on all these folks who still think this is about making money.  Hopefully they’ll all realize that open is better than closed, that G+ is not going away and that a level plating field for all – is inevitable.

These are heady times and the world needs our innovation, startups and economic activity.  Badly.  Its the economics that everyone sees, but its the optimism that keeps forcing people to wake up every morning – and do more.  And THOSE people PRAY to the temple of Steve Jobs.

Here he is with the man who betrayed him.  Guess who had the last laugh?

Like Robert - almost everything in my career has been influenced by something having to do with Steve Jobs.  Nemesis is the  wrong word.  More “ever-present nightmare” would be more proper.

Date: Thursday, August 25th, 2011 | Time: 9:16 am
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