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2nd week of Aug ’11 blogging

Its great to see someone (S & P) standing up to these assholes (politicians.)  Maybe now they’ll get sane – legalize marijuana, stop the wars, tax the rich and things will correct themselves.  But for now – we’re fucked.

Its important and fantastic to FINALLY see someone in our industry leading discussions on Jobs. Thank you Jeff Jarvis!  I guess its time to pitch him our “Digital City” project.  Coincidentally Bernie Goldbach has a similar view – from Ireland.

Social media incubator coupled to an open API and data store of social data

Anonymous threatens to destroy Facebook on Nov. 5th – Guy Fawkes day

The adoption lifecycle of social networks

Tee Hee Hee AOL is truly an old school company.

Patents are evil. Mark Cuban has some good suggestions.

Its nice to see the side of truth win out – over the lawyers – once in a while.

Quark sold – again

Here’s an excellent post by Chris Rhodes – on “When Innovation Meets the Old Guard”.  This is the kind of stuff I’m encountering everyday here in Cleveland.

Minority incubator in the Valley.

Its nice to see, in fact its GREAT to see – socially conscious enterprises – helping poor people.

pk puts up a chart with this simple title “Banks and Brokers without commentary”

GROW2011, radical.fm,

Date: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 | Time: 9:43 pm
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