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3rd week of April ’11 blogging

Chris Conner at the gig – photo by Harry Weller ->

I’m tracking Twitter’s demise - and will have a stand alone piece about that – sometime this week.

Dear Sean and Shawn – here’s what we need.  Tie into Skype, give us two-way video calling directly in the web page.  APIs to control routing of the call, build context sensitive calls. Thank you.  Go Supyo!

The ‘cord-cutters’ are rising. Al Jazerra has a new web show called “the Stream”.

It will be interesting to see how Flipboard sneaks ads (which are theirs) into everyone else’s content. Don’t blame RSS!

Automated content generation beats the stupid human writer. If you pitch a “no-hitter” – you should probably include that in the first or second paragraph of a story.  One has to wonder about the editor – as well.

I was there at the birth of ZiffNet – as well.

So much for Cleveland’s leadership in Sustainability.  Here’s a map of the 25 cities ready for Electric Vehicles….. what’s missing?  People get used to this here in Cleveland.  But the mayor planted his stake around sustainability – claiming it would be a major theme for the city.  Well two years later…………. we can’t even get any recharging stations set up!

Serious adult partying in Amsterdam AND you get to write it off!

What!  You mean VCs can’t be trusted and slime all over…………… please tell me it isn’t so! What’s surprising is that MORE of these stories don’t appear more often!

Curators of on-line museums.

Who can resist dancing robots?

NOTE TO SELF:  Get up and walk around!


Date: Monday, April 18th, 2011 | Time: 12:00 pm
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