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Intermediate workshop – Using on-line tools to run a business

I’ll be doing a followup to the Jan. 24th workshop, where we learned how to use a wiki (PBWorks) to organize, plan and coordinate projects.  We used the “Computer History Museum” we’re setting up at the LaunchHouse as our pilot project.

So now we’re going to do the followup to that first workshop – on March 28th - to focus in on the other building blocks one needs to effectively move ALL their planning, organizing, running and operation of your business – on-line.  We’ll focus on using Google Apps: spreadsheets, text documents and forms – as well as email campaigns and mail lists.  I like Google Groups.  Ideally we’d also show QuickBooks – but we won’t have time for that.

This is a hands-on workshop where you are expected to bring a laptop and sit there and learn.  Quickly.  None of this is rocket science – 10,000,000′s of people use these tools – you can too!

You don’t have to have attended the first workshop, but be expected to know how to sign up for an on-line account or upload files or media.  Please have a Gmail/Google account ready to utilize.

Date: Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 | Time: 10:53 pm
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