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Mid-Feb blogging ’11

Facebook’s land grab of comments got me thinking about Disqus and other commenting systems.  Clearly we need open standards for comments which we’d all adhere to – which could bridge across platforms like Twitter and Facebook.  As new ‘like-ing’ and commenting systems appear – content vendors have to “keep up with the Joneses”, support yet another plug-in and so on and so on……………..  So why can’t we “aggregate” comments and store them in a comment format – and daisy chain these systems together?  Users will benefit for sure – and memes can cross vendor boundaries.   None of that was brought up at all in this post on the danger Disqus is in – right now.

Looks like Facebook is starting to suck less – it hasn’t arrived for me yet – but this will be the first time may actually have a decent customizable dashboard interface.

The very notion of a single format for mobile apps seems like blasphemy its so obvious.  That’s what the WAC format is.  The First phone to support WAC – NetPhone is coming out – in the Philippines. It’s Android 2.2.

Monetizing reputation can never happen.  No matter what attempts are being made – or shall be made – unless you cut the user’s directly into the equation – and share some of the wealth – it ain’t gonna happen.

MPEG-LA are total silmeballs – and the fact that Apple and Microsoft support them – says it all.

Live Dashboarding by NetVibes

Congrats to SpeakerText for getting funded! We use it to transcribe our video interviews!


Who ever said Synergy is dead?  HP has trademarked it.  I just wonder if they think their turn-key, unified messaging, touch on this and magic happens WebOS is open or closed? Can I modify the source?  make contributions?  Can competitive web platforms like JolliCloud support their standards, or vice versa?  How well will they play with iOS, MS-OS or Facebook?  It is nice to see that HPs purchase of Palm wasn’t just a waste of money!  Their stock will go up – on sheer chutzpah!

I love the notion of “compatibility” boxes being utilized to get a body of apps and content onto some strange platform.  Looks like that’s what RIM is doing with Android!

Jay Rosen’s four-part set of idealistic principles – for AOL post HuffingtonPost acquisition

Hey you Americans!  Loic Le Meur has a hot French babe who’s looking to marry some (dumb) American.  I think they call it a “web order bride”.

Digging on LiveStache - by Ian Charnas - made in the 216

The wikipedia race game

Lessons from he past, Ken Olsen and going horizontal - though I think in regards to social networking – its time to STAY niche and vertical!

I don’t care whether its frothy or bubble – clearly these capitalists are OUT OF THEIR MINDS! Who cares about VCs!

We’re watching the demise of a great software company and a great cell phone company – both deteriorating in front of our eyes – in real-time.

In Cleveland there are some EIRs.  But they’re not real EIRs.  Here’s a story of a real EIR.

Date: Friday, February 11th, 2011 | Time: 10:50 pm
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