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30″ and counting

It’s supposed to snow for three days in the Lake Tahoe area and we’re stuck right in the middle of it.  We spent four hours going from Incline Village to I-80 (usually a :20 drive) so we gave up as I just wasn;t into another 5-7 hours backed up on the highway.

So we pulled into Squaw Valley to wait it out.

Here’s some images from Incline….





Date: Sunday, February 25th, 2007 | Time: 4:58 pm
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It’s raining and I’m blogging

Akamai has this white paper on social networking

Doc still likes the term ‘The Live Web’ – me too.

Julian Bond is pointing out (on the Identity Gang list) that you ain’t OpenID compatible unless you’re working nicely with others. Go to OpenIDenabled and find out. And this is just for authentication. wait il the attribute exchange starts rocking! THEN we’ll have challenges (not problems – just challenges.)

….and speaking of Akamai – VideoEGG – which uses Akamai – hit 3M uploads.

It’s great to hear that EMI is experimenting with Open Formats and that EMI’s Apparent Business Model: Slower Deals, More Returns. I can tell you from working wih those folks for a year – they certainly need some changes. The folks I dealt with were great people – but their bosses – well its clear all along that they were in it to just sell the company. They were doing no real ‘managing’ or planning for the future. So maybe the new guard – will.

Is Micahel Arrington the next Tim O’Reilly or does he just follow behind him – picking up all the speaking gigs – when Tim gets bored?

I got a bit up on Mark Fletcher’s new ‘Startupping’ on the best and worst decisions I’ve done as an entrepreneur.

Nick Denton doesn’t like CamelCase. We used to call it innerCap. For 10 points – who was one of the first companies to do this – back in 1984. MacroMind.

I’ll be speaking at ‘the Next Web’ in Amsterdam June 1st. I think I’ll do a birthday party the next night – June 2nd, cause afterall – the entire year is my birthday year.

NetVibes is now supporting Media RSS. I sure wish other aggregators did.

Jeremiah Owyang’s list is now 36 long – as to the # of competitors we have in the ‘white labeled social networking space’. I’d argue that Drupal, Web Crossing, Prospero and others certainly aren’t MySpace-in-a-Box solutions – but who’s arguing? Now we NEED to get ALL these folks supporting OpenID, FOAF and XFN and the new attribute exchange service of OpenID – just as soon as it’s done and stable! THEN we’ll be talking Turkey!

Steve Borsh clued me into this Jon Udell post. This is one of the problems with having so many dam feeds to read. I love Jon Udell and I remember talking with him about this problem of social network fatigue years ago at Digital ID world, but I totally missed this post. It was clear years ago that folks would burn out over all these neworks – but still want to be members. This is why we created PeopleAggregator – to level the playing field and enable anyone to have a social network. Apparently others think its a good idea for a company and product – as well.

A wonderful sequence of blog posts happened as Identity Woman Kaliya asked Kim Cameron publicly – how come the Microsoft-OpenID announcement (Bill Gates and Craig Mundie announced MSFT support of OpenID2.0) didn’t include other OpenID players – like CordenceNetMesh and SixApart. I wondered the same thing myself. So Kim answered Kaliya’s question. Then Kaliya acknowledges the answer. This is when I love the blogosphere. It works.

OpenID directory, Trusted Opinion, Jyte, UrbanSeeder, Snowvision, Explode, Rate My Room

Robert Scoble discovers Maya’s Mom in the garage – cleaning up after her kids – I bet. But Robert still isn’tbreaking up his LONG ASS videos into consumable form. I think this is a way for Robert to test idolatry and loyalty of his fans. If you canbear to sit hrough all those dam videos – THEN – you can be an official Scoble fan. Not me – I just can’t do it. Not that I don’t love Robert – it’s just that he needs to slice those dam long ass videos up into smaller chunks, bite size pieces.

So I heard about this video called Web 2.0 video and Eric Schonfeld linked to it - and talked about “a definition of Web 2.0 using the moving image” and it’s “all about people”. But what I find fascinating is how little media was referred to in this video. Almost not at all. So maybe that’s web 3.0 or whatever – but ever since I first saw the web in ’93-’94 – I knew that until media was as easily malleable, interactive and pervasive as text and hyperlinking was – we wouldn’t be there – yet. So I watched this YouTube video – but yet video isn’t part of the equation. Or audio. Or photos. Hmmmm

Date: Thursday, February 22nd, 2007 | Time: 12:19 pm
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Reading the tea leaves

I love Om Malik. He’s explains Cisco’s AOM strategy and calls Five Across a CMS company.

He’s pointing out that Cisco has spent $1B this year on acquisitions for their highly integrated network infrastructure and applications strategy (AOM – Applications-Oriented Networking.)

When I first saw the Linksys deal and then Scientific-Atlanta – the tea leaves were clear to me – these folks are focused on the home. Now Om points out that enterprise is also part of their vision.

In other words – Cisco ain’t going away any time soon and we’ll all be sending our bits over Cisco gear and software for a while. Its the perfect zag to all others’ zigs.  Maybe its even a Cisco cloud based OS play – to compete with Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!

Take this strategy in concurrence with the new Microsoft ‘connected’ strategy and you’ve got a world reacting to Google. Everyone is scared shitless of those dweebs in Mountain View and its causing ripple effects throughout the industry. This is probably why Macromedia and Adobe merged, why Intuit is toast, why Symantec has to keep buying, etc.

There’s no sector that’s safe from the Google juggernaut.

But its good for us. Cause along the way they have to provide open APIs to connect all the pieces of their puzzles together (whoever they are) – and we can use those hooks to mesh into their platforms.

This sort of 21st century integration is what DLAs are all about.

Date: Wednesday, February 21st, 2007 | Time: 10:48 am
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Here’s a few – chew on this for awhile……

To Hooman Radfar – my answer to the question: “what was the first web Widget?” – well the answer is simple. It was Jason DeFillippo’s Blogrolling widget (circa 2002). I went crazy over it – and even came up with an entire architecture for Jason (which after he passed on it) I blogged publicly. It was called “Blogrolling.com as a distribution system” - dated March 21st, 2003. Kudos to Jason – who then sold Blogrolling to Tucows in 2004 and…………..

Niall Kennedy found holes in NetVibes. Bu now they’re filled up.

Startup 2.0 on Feb. 26th in London. Client Ann Ziterkopf of Wee World will be speaking.

James Seng tells us Why Singapore is not ready for Web 2.0. I really really wanna make it to Singapore and create some change – there.

TechCrunch has taken MyBlogLog off of its page and everything is working better now. Hmmmmm.

Now this is important – someone has stolen the Maltese Falcon from John’s Grill!

Bob Blakely suggests reading Tom Van Vleck tell this story

ContentNext (Rafat Ali, Staci et al) is having a mixer in Seattle Feb 28th, At W Seattle
Jumping back to a meme from last week, Michael R. Bernstein commented that we could STILL do a dual approach license – and offer GPL version of PeopleAgrgegator as well. So in answer to that suggestion let me tell you of another story. I’ve showed MySQL’s dual licenses to four different sets of lawyers. Each set gave me a different opinion of the licenses, but (not surpringly) they agreed on one thing “having dual licenses for the same product is extremely problematic”. So we’re not gonna do that. One license. Here’s the deal – all in one place.

Looks like Kim Polese has been busy at SpikeSource.

Does anyone know what ever happened to Romance & Cigarettes? Its a fantastic movie, directed by John Turturro, starring James Gandolfini, Susan Sarandon, Kate Winslit, Christopher Walken, Steve Buschemi, Mandy Moore, Mary Louise-Parker. They sing, they dance they camp it up. Why was it never released wide? I saw it on a plane. Puzzlement. Great movie – sure to be a cult classic.

OK – now I’m over half done catching up. Finish tomorrow.

Date: Tuesday, February 20th, 2007 | Time: 2:30 am
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Chewing thru 4k posts and counting

Sorry its been so long, but I really do need to get real work done.

New white paper, preso, web sie and product update – coming real soon now. But in the mean time:

Congrats to Eric Rice for joining the PodTech posse.

Congrats to Tekriti on their second anninversary.

Social network in french canada www.espacecanoe.ca Congrats Patrick!

Shoutout to ther other BigDave – for his props and kudos. Hopefully he’s feeling better and all sped up again.

D. Wayne Sidekick is definitely happening. I boys want one – each of them.

down2night, Ideastorm, BuddyWave, Cozi Central, IQONS, Skype 3.0, Laszlo Webtop,

FreeYourID is part of a growing number of ID brokers utilizing OpenID. Now we just gotta deliver some functionality beyond single sign-on!

Lonelygirl15 hanging wiht Lindsey - I guess she won’t be lonesome no more!

Why Microsoft? We’re all wondering hat – yet myself, as well as Hugh know teh real truth. After slugging it out for years an independent – its nice ot wake up in he morning time not having to worry about making the rent.

But then – as Dave says – the reality sinks in and you’re living in hell. I wonder how long Jon Udell will last? I say 3 years.

OpenID, Portable Social Networks and the Darowski Problem at Like It Matters [via Matt MacAllister]

I wonder if Yahoo will ever do anything with this patent?

Great to see Gilman Louie (Stewert Alsop’s partner in a new boutique fund) blogging about the Web 2.0 Myth.

Not done yet – about half way through – but I’ll stop here for now……

Date: Sunday, February 18th, 2007 | Time: 11:27 pm
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Visual posts for February ’07

Paolo’s pizza post.

Scott Beale has been blipping in NYC with blip.tv. Now if they’d only send that dam contract!

Great to see the Laszlo Webtop go live! I’m a shareholder.

Tekriti 2 year anninversary t-shirts. 

Date: Sunday, February 18th, 2007 | Time: 11:24 pm
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Social Networking APIs

John Musser asks “Coming Soon: Social Network APIs” – and I hope I don’t have to tell John that PeopleAggregatopr has two kinds of APIs.

We just love the fact that everyone is talking about this now.

We’ve got traditional web servcies call – which use XML-RPC and REST – and we’ve got php5 calls – deep inside our code – as we’ve completely decoupled our user interface front-end from our backend – via these APIs.  Those same APIs are available to any developer to intrinsicly add social networking or blogging to their app or service.

And needless to say – we can’t wait till everyone opens up – cause they ain’t right now.  The Facebook TOS is still very onerous – but no one talks about that – either.

BTW MySpace changed their page design over the weekend and broke all our scrapers. I bet there’s more than one company scrambling today to get back in sync with scraping MySpace pages.

Date: Sunday, February 18th, 2007 | Time: 10:54 pm
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Cyworld was right – US folks will gift

I haven’t seen anybody give the proper props to Cyworld for Facebook’s gifts – yet. This is a huge win for Cyworld as they’re proving that their business model works here in the States. That was the big debate we had when they came here “would US kids go for gifts.” Well I woke up one morning with four gifts from folks in myFacebook account and my sons are all over it. I’d say Cyworld is vindicated – they were correct.

Date: Sunday, February 18th, 2007 | Time: 10:39 pm
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We like money in all forms





Date: Sunday, February 18th, 2007 | Time: 9:17 pm
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Happy Mahashrivratri


Date: Sunday, February 18th, 2007 | Time: 11:31 am
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